Aveiro STEAM City

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The world we live in is constantly changing and updating. There are new ways of communicating, new ways of doing business, new ways of living and interacting. Aveiro is a territory of innovation, where technology is not new. There is a strong legacy and internationally unquestionable skills.


Knowing that we are living the beginning of this digital age, we also know that the future of the labor market will be deeply transformed. It is not enough to create jobs, it is necessary to improve the value and socio-economic wealth produced by the jobs created.


The Aveiro STEAM City project will contribute to better prepare the future ahead, constituting a strong investment of 6.1 million euros (M€) with funding from Community Funds of 4.9 M€, which results from the approval of the application of Aveiro City Council to the Community Program Urban Innovative Actions (UIA). CMA's application was one of the 22 chosen, among the 184 that applied. Aveiro is the only Portuguese city with a Project approved in the 3 contests that have already occurred in the Urban Innovative Actions Program, in which 55 Projects from 26 European Union Member States were approved, among 768 Applicants.


It intends to be the first step in the creation of a smart city, with a knowledge-based economy. To this end, it will train and qualify human resources with the skills that best prepare them to make a difference in this new digital era - STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) - stimulate the digital transformation of the city, attract and retain talent, promote the renewal of the business fabric and the socio-economic structure of the city.


This Project integrates a strong institutional partnership, led by CMA, and with the participation of Altice Labs, the Institute of Telecommunications - IT, the University of Aveiro, INOVA-RIA and the Association for a Center for Studies in Sustainable Development - CEDES.



The Aveiro STEAM City project, funded by the European Urban Innovative Actions program, will have as main objectives:


- Train and qualify resources with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills;


- Stimulate the digital transformation of the city, the municipality and its companies.


- Attract and retain talent and make our economy more competitive nationally and internationally.


- Develop an Urban Platform, aggregating data, to support the management of the city and the municipality,


- Develop and implement case studies in the areas of environment, energy and mobility.


To achieve these goals, Aveiro STEAM City is organized into four axes of action: Education, Training, Technology and Applications and Challenges, which include a wide range of activities, from the installation of Techlabs in schools to the creation of a responsive employment observatory, through the development of an urban data platform and a living lab with fiber infrastructure, sensors and 5G connectivity in the city.


It is also worth highlighting the promotion of Code Bootcamps, challenges for startups, scaleups and R&D centers, and artistic residencies for digital art.