The central objective of the project is to boost support for entrepreneurship, in order to achieve a sustainable development model in the MS sector, based on the increase of cooperation and innovation in the sector, resulting from the applicability of ICT in production processes, making them more efficient operationally and increasing their sustainability, and based on the goals of the National Strategy for the Sea and the regional/national strategies for smart specialization/ RIS3.


The "PLATICEMAR" project began in September 2017 and will end in August 2019. It is co-funded by the COMPETE 2020 Program under the Support System for Collective Actions - Promotion of Entrepreneurship, involving an eligible investment of 703 thousand euros, which resulted in a FEDER incentive of 598 thousand euros.


This project is being boosted by Inova-Ria, together with Fórum Oceano, ACIFF, NERLEI, and SINES TECNOPOPLO.




- Facilitate and support the emergence of new companies focused on medium-high knowledge and/or technology activity, aligned with the real and specific needs of an established business fabric in the economy of the sea


- Prepare entrepreneurs for the challenges of starting a new activity and launching it in the market;


- Promoting technology-based entrepreneurship in the economy of the sea, its growth and international affirmation.