STEAM Digital Skills

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The STEAM Digital Skills Training-Action Program is promoted by InovaRia together with the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP) and aims to intervene in 50 SMEs, in the areas of Industry 4.0 or Digital Economy.


Through the balanced combination of personalized consulting and training, within the company and together with the other beneficiary companies, the training-action program aims to contribute to strengthening the levels of automation, connectivity and digitalization of production processes. Aimed at micro, small and medium-sized companies in the North and Center of Portugal, namely in the districts of Porto and Aveiro, the program - already approved - has public support of 90%, with the SME's contribution representing a symbolic value in relation to the added consulting value.


Benefit from intervention in one of the following two strategic areas for your SME:


DIGITAL ECONOMY (24 SMEs): Increase the specific qualification of workers in areas relevant to the innovation strategy, internationalization, modernization and digitalization of enterprises;


INDUSTRY 4.0 (26 SMEs): Increase the management capabilities of companies to initiate processes of change, innovation and adoption of the paradigm of Industry 4.0 through actions of dynamization and awareness for change and exchange of good practices.


The program's execution methodology foresees consulting actions from the diagnosis and definition of the Action Plan, to its implementation through Training, ending with the evaluation process of the results.


Empower your company in digital economy and technological transformation. Join the other SMEs that have already joined the project and access the last available spots.