The association

Inova-Ria - Companies Association for an Innovation Network, was established in 2003, although the people and organizations that directly or indirectly contributed to its creation are linked to the Portugal’s telecommunications history since the 50’s. The so-called “Aveiro’s Telecommunication Cluster” has been built from all those years and confirmed the starting existence of unique entrepreneurial ecosystem in the early 2000’s. It is characterized by new technology development, innovation and research practice, as proved by the tangible results achieved by small and large companies. A group of companies created Inova-Ria with primarily objective to establish an articulated strategy to bring the region to a european reference in Information, Communication Technologies and Electronics, assuming itself as a gateway to a valuable network. In 10 years, this association have grown and evolved, playing an active role in promoting and creating value in the sector, particularly through research and development, new technologies dissemination, knowledge and people scouting, international business experiences and, above all, the creation of new technological based companies. All of this achievements are possible working as a network, promoting collaborative strategies that increase value, inspire creativity and give competitiveness to all businesses. With almost 60 associated members, Inova-Ria wants to growth the network by attracting companies of all sectors in the order to enhance the complementarity in the network. Together we are stronger!